Welcome to the THE MAMA SORORITY.


We're exactly what we say we are...A SORORITY. A Sisterhood for Mamas who are looking for a sassy, sexy and stylish place to learn, encourage and work alongside other MAMAS who "get you."

We are here to celebrate who you are, not only as a mother but as a woman. Here you can talk to us like you do your best friends. Share your ups and downs (in both your private and professional life) and receive the support and encouragement we often miss out on because we are so busy supporting everyone else.


THE MAMA SORORITY is your go to group for EVERYTHING related to being a MAMA. We will showcase our favourite brands and support women in business. Present you with tips and tricks from traveling with your tribe, through to our favourite fashion trends. We'll celebrate the highs and lows and the great stuff  in between. We'll critique date nights and monitor your choice of lipstick color (if you ask us to). We'll shout out your business achievements and tell the world how amazing you are.


Occasionally we will meet face to face for coffee (or perhaps wine!) through our workshops and catch up events...but even if we don't, no matter what, this group is here for you. 


So talk to us, share with us, and join us at THE MAMA SORORITY!

Nicole x

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