Last week at THE MAMA SORORITY Workshop, we had the most amazing sweet treats (picture divine tiered cakes, iced cookies, cream topped cupcakes and pink champagne macarons). It was a visual feast and when I shouted "let them eat cake" I was shocked & surprised as a few gorgeous Mamas cast their eyes down and said. "Oh I'd love to, but I'm still carrying my baby weight"


Are women seriously, in 2017, still body conscious about their post birth weight?

Apparently so!!

I know we're all guilty of questioning our weight at some stage in our life. In fact I'll bet that every single one of you has been judgemental of how you look. All of us have been faced with a full length mirror and pulled a face, pinched a spare piece of love handle or breathed in just that little bit more to do up our top button. Why do you think the company Spanx is worth over a billion dollars? Because women worry about their weight. It's a silent beast within us. But I believe...THE WEIGHT CAN WAIT. In case no one else has ever told you...I'm going to say...stop stressing about it. You are a mother. A creator of life. A beautiful woman who is flourishing not failing.

Being a mother is first and foremost and unless your weight is affecting your health, than live your life in the body you've got and be patient when it comes to losing your "baby weight." YOU HAD A BABY!! You gave birth to a human being who loved you from the second it took it's first breath regardless of how much you weighed before he or she were born. Look at it this way, where did the baby weight come from? It came from finally being able to eat anything you wanted without having it come spewing back up. It came from having to wear beige grandma bras to cover your ever expanding breasts. It came from wanting to hug a pillow more than your partner. It came from chasing a toddler who thought you belly was a fit ball. It came from being constantly exhausted, cranky, tearful & anxious and most importantly it came from the fact that you were carrying life! No wonder you are cake!!!!

MAMAS don't stress about the baby weight. It will come & it will go and it will be a moment in your life that will symbolize to the rest of the world how amazing you are. Don't let your day/week/year or event be spoilt by refusing a cupcake or a sweet macaron, because if you don't eat it someone else will & believe me, they won't care less about your baby weight.

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