I Love A Good Lay #flatlay

I get asked about flatlays all the time...which is great because I love them. Not only do they look amazing if done properly, they are a great way to shout out a number of different products and businesses within one photo. So what makes a great flatlay?

1. Light Up Your Life.

Obviously with any photography lighting is important. Natural light is best (unless you're a studio professional), but mid day sun can be too harsh and create shadows. Experiment with locations & time. If you're really struggling then use a filtering app to adjust the clarity & backlight.

2. Everyone Loves A Hero

Your flatlay needs a hero piece. This is usually the largest item and often goes in the middle of your flatlay. Don't be afraid to overlay products if you are limited for space, but don't clutter.

3. Step Back And Relax

The worst thing you can do is be in a hurry to not only shoot your flatlay but also to upload it onto your feed. Sometimes I can take up to 20-30 shots before I'm happy. Take the first image, step back, look at your photo & see if you need to adjust/straighten something. Do you need to fill a space or rearrange products or change them to create texture & balance.

4. Question Yourself

Add a question to your comment that will engage your audience or create a call to action that will help boost your overall engagement. If you're not sure what to say, then add something simple like "double tap if you love this flatlay" plus...try to reply to everyone.

5. Build Your Community

It's no good posting a fantastic flatlay if no one is going to see it and react. Set aside about 20 minutes a day to react & interact with not only people you follow and those that have left you a comment, but also those you people you've never seen before. Use hashtags to find feeds you're interested in and that fit your genre, plus leave a genuine comment or two. You never know who might follow you back.

6. Celebrate Everyone

Make sure you tag and shout out everyone who is in your flatlay...ESPECIALLY YOURSELF. So many people forget to tag themselves. Just think how many more followers you could have gained if people searched through hashtags #themamasorority and found you that way.

If you've got a product you'd love to include in one of our flatlays, send us an email.

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